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About us

The milling industry Mininni, which has been working in the durum wheat milling branch for over 140 years, is, today, one of the most important players among the Italian producers of semolina and re-milled semolina.

The company has always been faithful to the calling for high quality and, over time, has paid great care to the supply of the best types of durum wheat and to the selection of qualified staff with a view to creating commercial relationships based on the full satisfaction about the specifications requested by clients and about the delivery punctuality.

Today the company, run by the family fifth generation, has a milling complex, which is up-to-date in line with best technologies offered by the market and allows the grinding of 480 tons of durum wheat each day.

The great ability of raw materials storage allows the supply of a product with a constant quality and available anytime, also thanks to end-products warehouse, which guarantees a perfect logistics management.