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Pietro Mininni and the Old Art of Genuineness

The “White Art” may be considered a kind of magic of the past, a ritual renewed in the patient and simple actions of the people who believed in this work with love and passion.

The Molino Mininni’s business begins with Pietro, a tenacious and wise landowner.

In those days, in order to grind durum wheat they used millstones: two monolithic stone blocks set in motion by horses; the wheat was crushed in between the stones and gave origin to flour which was already at that time of great quality.

In the beginning it seemed that the “service” was just intended for workers, but towards 1877, having considered the high demand from clients, Mister Pietro found himself giving life, in Altamura, to one of the first industrial milling plants in the South of Italy, equipped with a cylinder system operated by boilers and steam.

The attention and care given to the storage, classification, selection and grinding phases of wheat, have made the Molino Mininni – by this time at its fifth generation – a point of reference in the field.